About L'Étape

“L’Étape” is a French word, meaning “The Stage”, represents Le Tour de France amateur race. Also means one of stages by Tour de France. It is a one-day race designed by Le Tour de France experts, to give the amateur cyclists an opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of Le Tour de France.

First three stages held in the United Kingdom were released on 17 January 2014. This was the fourth Tour to contain stages in the United Kingdom, after 1974, 1994 and 2007. After the resounding success in the UK 2014, L’Étape du Tour organizer A.S.O./ Amaury Sports Organization authorized L’Étape London as the first amateur race in 2015.

The Étape du Tour expands its frontier with its new concept “L’Étape by Le Tour de France Series” encouraging cyclists around the world to ride like Tour de France legends in over 10 international locations including Wales, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Korea, etc.

The original Étape du Tour ride was established in 1993. It was about 1700 participants and now has grown to over 15,000 annual riders as the premiere mass participation ride in Europe. Though the course changes yearly and the ride is always a goal of passionate Tour de France fans as they get to experience the roads just days before the professional riders.

L’Étape du Tour was started in 1993 as a race for amateur cyclists who dream of racing in the legendary Tour de France.